Since its beginnings in 1991 the GALERIE JAROSLAV Krbůšek has been striving to offer contemporary art of the highest quality. Building upon his experiences at the GALERIE OPATOV, GALERIE RUCE and as a director of the GALERIE Václava Špály, Jaroslav Krbůšek has gained the expertise to carefully select outstanding works of art and a sure insight into what Czech, Moravian and Slovak art has to offer.
The idea behind this virtual gallery is to market quality art for reasonable prices due to minimalised costs. The JKG´s first and foremost interest is to assist collectors and investors, who not only expect intellectual fulfilment and joy from acquiring art, but also a guarantee for later appraisement to the maximum possible degree. This is why in our selection we offer the works of artists, who found success internationally and live abroad, as well as esteemed classical authors from the 60´s, but also a number of carefully chosen artists of a younger generation. GJK is experienced in helping to supplement or newly set up private collections of art in recently furnished apartments and homes. Apart from selecting the works, a full service may further comprise an ideal adjustment as well as the most suitable placement. The paintings, drawings and graphics in the section EXHIBITION offers are on sale. You may contact us for more information, including the price, under or by telephone on 00420 732 662 993 (in English). Please include the name of the artist and the exhibition date when contacting us. In the depository of the gallery you will find a great number of other works by the authors exhibited. These are works by artists from the main overview on these pages as well as those not listed. Neither the quality of the paintwork, the singularity of the drawings and prints, nor that of the canvas and paper may be conveyed by the digital pictures transmitted on screen. This is why we encourage you to view each work personally in order not to miss the most decisive characteristic when making your choice.